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Stain Removal Guide

Removing stains can be daunting task for homemakers. Whether it is kids playing on ground or adults enjoying their favorite food, stains can unexpectedly spoil the fabric. Some stains go off quickly while some stains affect the quality of the cloth. We at Oxyzap are aware of the hassles one faces while getting rid of stains. Different stains require different treatment as per the nature of fabric. Let’s take a glance at different types of stains and how we can tackle the stains by following the required methods.

1] Work fast on stain removal: The first step to stain removal is to act faster. The moment the cloth gets affected with stain, try to remove it quickly. More you delay, more it becomes hard to remove the stain.
2] Blotting the stain: Instead of rubbing the stain, use a clean cloth to blot the stain. When a cloth gets stained, we normally rub the stain. Blotting will not only help to soak the excessive liquid but also stop the stain from spreading.

3] Using right products: Each stain is different from other. Whether it is a grease stain, blood stain or a ink stain, one need different products to remove stains. While removing a grease stain, one may require a solvent based cleaner.  If your cloth is stained with red wine, it is advisable to use a solution that contains Hydrogen peroxide.
4] Trial Test: Before using the stain remover, firstly test it on an ordinary cloth. Thus, you will able to decide whether the stain removing product will cause any damage on the cloth.

5] Follow instructions: Prior to using the stain remover, take care to read the instructions and follow it carefully. Some stain removing products may require time to show its effect while for others, you may need to rinse the area thoroughly after application.

6] Maintain patience: In several cases, stain doesn’t come out despite the use of best stain removing products and methods. In such scenario, one should maintain patience while trying different stain removing products or technique.  A professional cleaner can be approached to clean the stain.
7] Be Careful: The best way to handle stains is to prevent it from affecting the cloth in the first place. Especially while eating or drinking, be careful to not let the stain affect your cloth. While enjoying a playful activity, ensure that you are not wearing your favorite clothes.

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