Moisture Absorber – An effective way to tackle moisture and dampness during monsoon

Though monsoon may be a soothing respite from the sweaty summer, it also brings lots of challenges in terms of tackling moisture and dampness. The much awaited monsoon becomes a mess due to excessive mold growth, musty smell and fungus. Moisture Absorber proves effective in handling the mess occurred to moisture. Right from humidity control, protecting your belongings, to preventing all forms of moisture damage, moisture absorber manages all the hassles caused during monsoon.

Let’s take a glance at the significance of moisture absorber in handling moisture and dampness during monsoon.

1] Absorbing excessive moisture – Excessive moisture during monsoon has several ill effects on both health and property. It leads to musty smell in closed or poorly ventilated areas which are difficult to overcome. Moisture absorber is specially designed to excessive moisture and reduce humidity. By absorbing moisture, the moisture absorber makes the living space free from dampness.

2] Preventing mold and mildew growth – The arrival of moisture in monsoon season gives rise to molds and mildews. These molds and mildews are harmful to health and cause damage to property. By using moisture absorber, the moisture levels can be reduced, thus preventing the growth of fungi like molds and mildews.

3] Eliminating unpleasant odor of dampness – Dampness triggers musty odors that spreads to household items like carpets and furniture in living space. Moisture absorber when placed in home not only control the humidity levels but is also instrumental in musty odor elimination.

4] Improves Indoor Air Quality – Excessive moisture gives rise to musty smell and causes respiratory problems. By using moisture absorber in home, the humidity level is not only reduced, but the indoor air quality is also improved.

5] Makes living space comfortable – Increase in humidity makes the living space uncomfortable, creating a feeling of discomfort. Placement of moisture absorber in living space helps in moisture reduction and makes the living space comfortable.

6] Safeguards belongings – Especially during monsoon, the belongings in our home are prone to get affected by moisture. Furniture items start deforming, metal products rust and electronic products don’t function. Even clothes and linens are at risk of getting attacked by mold. By placing moisture absorbers in damp areas like closets, basements and bathrooms, the belongings in home stay fresh and dry, protected from mildews and musty smells.

7] Food Preservation – The presence of moisture in the kitchen space affects the shelf life of food items like spices and grains. By placing the moisture absorbers in the kitchen area, one is able to preserve the food items and safeguard it from becoming stale.

At Zaphomecare, we are aware of how the moisture makes the living space uncomfortable for the occupants. Especially during monsoon, the arrival of moisture and dampness causes harm not only to food particles but also to people living in the home. Zap Home Care’s brand – Abzorbzap is an innovative product with moisture absorbing chemicals in home care segment. From soaking the moisture to keeping valuables damp free, Abzorbzap makes the living space dry and fresh. A reliable moisture absorber for every family, Abzorbzap can be placed easily in cupboards, closets, bathroom, kitchen and other storage spaces.

Through this blogpost, Zap Home Care has highlighted the uses of having a moisture absorber at home during monsoon.

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