What are we working for?

A stride to make world a healthier place became our driving force. Whether it is a stain on your shirt, a stinking smell in the surroundings or an uncleaned toilet full of germs, every part of your home needs to be just not cleaned but sanitized too with high quality home care products. This is where Zap Home Care makes an impact by offering innovative based home care products.


Pathbreaking solutions for consumer hygiene

When it comes to bringing pathbreaking solutions for consumer hygiene, we exceed our competencies by combining state of the art facilities and dedicated professionals from disciplines like chemistry, engineering and consumer research to deliver breakthrough results in home care industry. While developing the homecare products, we follow a certain procedure so that it meets the needs of our end consumers with effective results.


Understanding the needs of the target consumers

The first and foremost step lies in understanding the needs of the target consumers. Whether it is a toilet cleaner, detergent or an air freshener, we focus to provide the home cleaning product that will work best for them. Our experts extensively research the market, conduct user surveys so that we get an insight about the challenges faced by homemakers while cleaning their home. The research and surveys help us to develop a homecare product that is safe, effective and eco-friendly.

Featured Products of Zap Home Care that are creating a buzz

Thoroughly tested by experts, Powerzap is specially designed to meet the cleaning needs with satisfactory results. Equipped with powerful cleaning agents, Powerzap’s products cut through grime, grease and stains, leaving surfaces sparklingly clean. From kitchen countertops to bathroom, Powerzap delivers unparalleled cleaning power in a convenient, easy to use format.

A path-breaking innovation in air freshening, the Freshzap Camphor PODS effectively combat foul smell. The Freshzap Camphor PODS by Zap Home Care are eco-friendly and contain no hazardous chemicals. Convenient to place in car, bathroom, bedroom and closet, the Freshzap Camphor PODS emanate positivity and revitalizing surge of life when placed in living space. An emerging brand in cleaning segment, Zap Home Care offers consumers solutions that are beneficial for making homes a hygienic and fresh living space. Our homecare products are making an impact in lives of consumers positively. Now it is your turn to discover the benefits of Zap Home Care.